Property Management

Elite Rooms Belfast Ltd

Do you want to take the stress out of managing your property?

Elite Rooms Belfast is a property management company which will do just that, we offer the best return on your property monthly with no hassle.

We guarantee your rent will be paid regardless of whether the house is full at any given time.

There are no hidden costs with Elite Rooms Belfast - we will never invoice you for a management fee which on average is saving our landlords circa £500 per year.

Contracts are available on a long-term basis which appeals to landlords who live away from the city.

Elite Rooms Belfast has vast experience in dealing with HMO regulations, we will monitor your licences and insure houses are ready for inspections.

What's included in the service we provide?

  • Our team of maintenance professionals respond to any small issues which are considered daily maintenance snags.
  • Any major issues, we can get quoted and deal with on your behalf or will inform you promptly of issues which will need your attention.
  • Every year, we paint the common areas in the house and paint after a tenant vacates each room.
  • Elite Rooms Belfast commits to fully furnish each house with new furniture at the beginning of the contract.
  • All energy bills are controlled by the agency.
  • Each house is on a frequent cleaning schedule.
  • Regular health and safety checks are carried out on each property.

Get in contact with Paul Baxter today to discuss how we can offer you a monthly return on your property investment without the undue hassle of dealing with maintenance and tenancy issues.

Paul: 077 5805 7480